Horse Day (31st August 2014)

A Festival for Horses and their Keepers

Imagine more than 200 horses, magnificently groomed and decorated, harnessed to carefully restored traditional coaches and wagons, surrounded by a crowd of locals in Bavarian costume – and there you have the magic of Rottach-Egern’s annual Rosstag, or ‘Horse Day’. The celebration will turn 50 in 2018 and sees more guests and fans every year. Starting out from Seehotel Überfahrt, accompanied by brass bands, the procession will travel through the town of Rottach-Egern past thousands of spectators. A further 5 km on, in Enterrottach, celebrations are launched by traditional costume groups as well as regional and international wind ensembles. At the purpose-built Rosskapelle chapel, horses and humans receive the day’s special blessing.

On show will be anything horse-drawn from simple farm cart to coach, gig, and all the way up to enormous brewery wagons pulled by up to ten horse powers, conjuring up the world of a hundred years ago. Even pack animals such as mules and Haflinger horses will be part of the festivities, brought along by the Bad Reichenhall mountain troopers.

For the rest of the day, shows run in the Enterrottach meadows, Bavarian snacks and local beers will keep guests in good spirits.



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