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This requires knowledge of specific key combinations, which consist of a browser-specific key combo plus the first letter of the desired action or menu (= access key).

Windows and Internet Explorer: alt + access key + enter

Windows and Mozilla/Firefox/Netscape: alt + access key

Windows and Firefox Version 2.0 or higher: alt + shift + access key

Example: To open the ‘accommodation’ menu when using Firefox 2.0, you would have to key in the following combination: alt + shift + A




Tips for Using this Website

1. To view banners (beneath the quick search), you need to install Adobe Flash Player [more] .

2. The accommodation quick search (see top of page menu ‘Book Online’) helps you find suitable accommodation which can be booked online. Naturally, many more accommodation options are available and can be booked via email or telephone. Access these by using the extended search function under ‘Accommodation’.

3. Our web portal automatically recognizes your screen resolution and will adapt the display accordingly. An optimal resolution is available at an array of 1024 pixels. With this setting, you will be able to see the skyscraper-shaped ads on the top right. Our website has been designed for a 16:9 display.


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